Town Hall Meeting Highlights Irondale’s Plan For Future Growth

February 11, 2016 – Irondale residents and community stakeholders recently attended an interactive Town Hall meeting to discuss the draft of the city’s new comprehensive plan, Irondale On The Move (IOM).  The meeting was hosted by the IOM Project Management Team which is the result of a collaborative partnership between the City of Irondale, Irondale Commercial Development Authority (CDA),  Regional Planning Commission and the Greater Irondale Chamber of Commerce.

IMG_0451 (1)
Irondale Fire Chief – Mike Davis and Habitat For Humanity, CEO – Charles Moore
Citizens share ideas and sign up for task forces


Those in attendance received detailed information about the draft comprehensive plan documents and the IOM project team’s strategy for successfully implementing the plan.  They also had an opportunity to share their ideas, thoughts and comments on the key elements of the plan.  To download and view the presentation from the meeting please click on the following link:


Special thanks to all who attended this very important event as we get closer to the creation of a new, vibrant and progressive Irondale.  Please regularly check the Irondale On The Move website and FaceBook page to stay informed of the current status of the plan and future events.

Interactive collaboration among attendees at the Town Hall meeting