Current Park Projects

The Irondale Park Committee is on a mission to renovate many existing parks, while continuing to identify opportunities for creating new parks and green spaces.  A listing of current park and recreation projects include:

  • Beacon Park Renovation Project -A major renovation project designed to replace outdated playground equipment, improve landscaping and totally redesign the park. Estimated phase 1 project completion, July 2014. Phase 1 includes new playground equipment, bordering and landscaping.
  • Moon River Canoe Launch Project – Irondale is partnering with the City of Leeds, Freshwater Land Trust, Alabama Power Foundation,  The Cahaba River Society, The Nature Conservancy and Alabama Innovation Engine to create a new canoe launch on the Cahaba River.  For more details on the project click here.
  • Ellard Park Upgrade Project – This project will replace outdated playground equipment, design a new walking trail and make improvements to the open green area. Estimated completion to be determined.
  • Ruffner Park improvements – Fencing around all ball fields have been replaced. Currently planning parking, field and signage improvements. Estimated completion to be determined
  • Cahaba Landing Clean-Up Program – The park committee is planning a community clean up day at the Cahaba Landing.  More details to come shortly.
  • Green Space projects –
    • Completed new neighborhood green space in the Rock Springs neighborhood.   This is truly a community effort as the park committee will select design concepts submitted by Rock Springs residents for further improvements. Completion time frame for additional design improvements to be determined.
    •  Announced plans to create a neighborhood green space in Roebuck Plaza. Completion time frame to be determined.

Updated statuses of Park and green space projects will be posted here regularly. Also, check the city event calendar for upcoming events in Irondale parks.