Plans Underway For A New Irondale Historical Society

The Irondale Historical Society was originally founded in 2008, by Irondale residents; Joan Ratchford, Denise Wright and Sara Jane Tackett.  The organization’s original mission was to preserve and share with the public the illustrious history of the City of Irondale.

In a short period of time, this group made a huge impact on the Irondale community.  Their key contributions included:  Analyzing historical city data, Interviewing long-time Irondale community stakeholders and Educating citizens/visitors on Irondale’s role in shaping the region’s history.  They also collected numerous important archival relics, which were displayed in their office located inside the Historic Irondale Taxi Stop, across from Irondale City Hall.  Unfortunately, over the years this once iconic local organization became dormant.

Historic Irondale Taxi Stand

A growing number of Irondale citizens have recently expressed an interest in forming a new Irondale Historical Society (IHS).  

A vibrant Irondale Historical Society was also identified as an essential implementation group in the City of Irondale’s newly adopted comprehensive plan, Irondale On The Move.

What are the benefits of a vibrant Irondale Historical Society ?

  • Preserves the valuable culture and history of the City of Irondale
  • Serves as a key resource for educating others on the City’s history
  • Creates historic landmarks that stimulate economic development, tourism and community pride
  • Provides a much needed source for securing alternative funding and grants for historic preservation

If you are interested in becoming a part of the new Irondale Historical Society, simply click on the link below and fill out the electronic contact form:

Sign up sheets will also be available at the Irondale Public Library  and The Irondale Senior Activity Center, until April 24, 2017.   All respondents will be notified and afterwards a date for the initial IHS organizational meeting will be announced.