Message to Irondale Citizens

Be Alert and Informed

Beware of Copper Thieves– Please call in and report at 956-5990 any suspicious vehicles in your neighborhood. We had many thefts on vacant houses where the thieves are stripping copper from residences. They will usually be in a pick-up truck or a van.

Identity Theft– Do not give anyone your social security number over the telephone unless you know the person or business that has called you. If people call for a survey, do not give out your number or your date of birth. Inform them you need their call back number and you will call them back after checking with the Better Business Bureau.

GOOD NEIGHBOR –When you are going to be out of town telephone our police department and request patrol.  Let us know who may come by to check your mail or other duties, what lights will be on and what vehicles will be at the residence.  It is also a good idea to let at least one neighbor know when you will return and ask them to keep an eye out.

PIT BULL ORDINANCE – Irondale has an ordinance banning Pit Bull animals in the city.  We will be enforcing this ordinance and utilizing Animal Control to remove them.

SPRING TIME ROOF “SCAM” – As a reminder this is the time of year that some will offer great deals on roof repairs.  Citizens should not do business with any individual that drives up and offers a great deal.  You are safer contacting a reputable company that you have checked out on your own or from a referral.

If anyone needs books aimed at children regarding drugs or drug abuse, contact us as we have many different books we can provide for your presentation given to us by Law Publications thanks to many Irondale merchants purchasing advertising with the company.