Message from Mayor Moore regarding COVID-19

We have been closely monitoring the advice and direction of the CDC, WHO and state and local agencies regarding the COVID-19 situation. Our goal is to follow their advice while limiting the impact on city services and protecting city employees. Below are changes being made in that effort.

-Beginning, Monday, March 16th, the Irondale Senior Activity Center will be closed until further notice. We will be review this on a week to week basis.

-Beginning, Monday, March 16th, the Irondale Public Library will be closed to the public until further notice.

-Municipal court sessions, typically held every Thursday, have been postponed until April 16th. The municipal court office will remain open to conduct other court related business.

-We will be encouraging the public to do any license renewals, permitting and payments online for business licenses, water bills, driver’s licenses, garbage sign up, sales tax, court payments, etc. 

-We will be adjusting staff so that they are all able to practice social distancing recommendations as much as possible.

-The safety day scheduled for Saturday, March 21st is being postponed with the future date to be announced.

-We are increasing the disinfecting and cleaning process for Irondale City Facilities.

-Group gatherings are prohibited at City parks and facilities.

-Recycling pickup will be postponed, Tuesday, March 24th until further notice. This will be reviewed on a week by week basis and will restart as soon as is practical.

While there is a lot of hysteria around this situation, we are confident that Irondale residents will prove to be an example of a community that comes together and looks out for each other during these trying times.

Charles Moore, Mayor