Irondale On The Move Update – March/April 2016


The Irondale on the Move Comprehensive Plan is the City of Irondale’s first Comprehensive Plan, intended to bring Irondale into a bold new era, one of optimism and confidence with a clear direction forward. This Comprehensive Plan is based on the residents’ vision of how they want their city to grow in the future— it is a long-term vision – and is intended to guide future development and to address the broad range of needs for the City.  The plan is composed of a series of recommendations (by topic area), and it will be the responsibility of the City boards and agencies, City Council, local residents, and partnering non-profits to implement the recommendations.

Please open the following links to learn more about the current status of this historic initiative:

 View the new 7-minute Irondale on the Move – Summary Video at: or

View the Draft Irondale on the Move Comprehensive Plan, Executive Summary and Appendices at:

Upcoming Events, Public Hearings for the Adoption of the Irondale on the Move Comprehensive Plan:

  • Public hearing before the Irondale Planning and Zoning Commission – set for Thursday, March 31 at 7pm in the Irondale Council Chamber room. 
  • Public hearing for adoption by the Irondale City Council – set for Tuesday April 5 at 7pm in the Irondale Council Chamber room. 
  • Irondale On The Move Community Forum – Irondale Elected Officials (TBD) – This public forum will give the Greater Irondale community an opportunity to interact with current Irondale officials to discuss the City of Irondale’s comprehensive plan.

Unprecedented collaboration among diverse groups of Irondale community stakeholders ( citizens, employees, businesses, organizations visitors..etc) is the key to successfully implementing this innovative comprehensive plan.  We encourage open dialogue and vast community engagement at every phase of this initiative.

If you would like to lend your time, talents or ideas to this crucial initiative by either joining current municipal boards/agencies/nonprofits or assisting in developing new organizations, please email or call:

Darryl Washington,  Program Director
Irondale On The Move
Mobile: 205-616-8823