City of Irondale Mourns The Passing of Mother Angelica

The City of Irondale join millions around the world in mourning the recent passing of EWTN founder, Mother Angelica.  She died this past Easter Sunday at the age of 92, after enduring years of declining health.

Mother Angelica joined a convent in 1944 and later founded Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Irondale in 1962.  For several years her nuns sold fishing lures and books to buy land.  She started EWTN  in a garage next to the monastery in 1981 after she got her start buying time on local TV and radio shows.  She later moved her monastery from Irondale to Hanceville in 1999.

EWTN’s headquarters remains in Irondale and the network she built stretches from offices in Rome and Washington, D.C., to the former Crystal Cathedral across from Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

According to long time Irondale resident, Robert Crenshaw, ” Mother Angelica’s spirit, energy and undying faith will surely be missed. Under her leadership and direction, EWTN has emerged as one of Irondale’s longest active partners and one of the city’s premier ambassadors.”

Mother Angelica had a close friendship with Pope John Paul II and echoed his conservative views about doctrine and the church.  She even received a video message from Pope Francis last month, when he asked the nun to pray for him.

Please join the City of Irondale in remembering and honoring Mother Angelica, one of the most enduring and influential leaders Irondale and the world has been bless to have known !!!!