Irondale Let Your Voice Be Heard !!

Irondale community stakeholders (local citizens, businesses, organizations..etc) are the oil in the engine that drives the future direction of our city. Without an engaged, cohesive and active community, the city will never reach it’s full potential.

Irondale elected officials, public officials and city employees serve at the pleasure of the Irondale community stakeholders they represent.  Therefore, Irondale community stakeholders are encouraged to voice their opinions, concerns, and ideas via the following official city platforms:

  • The Online Action Center – Is located on the City of Irondale’s official website and it provides a simple form that can be filled out which goes directly to the impacted city department or elected official. Entries are date stamped and are typically responded to within 24 hrs.
  • Contact your Irondale City Council representative.
  • Contact Irondale City Hall via phone at 205-956-9200.
  • Make public comments during Irondale City Council meetings – The Irondale City Council meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM, in Irondale City Hall located at 101 20th Street South, Irondale, AL 35210.

The City of Irondale also have an official Facebook Page and Twitter account which are designed to share and disseminate information to Irondale community stakeholders.  However, these pages are not the official means to request official information or make a formal complaint.

So community stakeholders of Irondale, Let Your Voice Be Heard !!! Use the various official City of Irondale platforms to keep Irondale On The MOVE !!!