Irondale Community Spotlight – Irondale On The Move, Advisory Committee

Strong community participation by Irondale individuals and local organizations is the key to the future success of the City of Irondale. The recently adopted Irondale On The Move comprehensive plan is due only to the dedication of a unique group of individuals known as the Irondale On The Move, Advisory Committee. This group exemplifies the importance of taking a TEAM APPROACH to getting goals accomplished.

The Irondale On The Move Advisory Committee consist of individuals who selflessly agreed to volunteer their time to help lead the development, adoption and implementation of the new comprehensive plan.  These individuals possess a wide range of talents and are members of several local organizations that are all pertinent to the key elements of the comprehensive plan.

Original members of the Irondale on The Move, Advisory Committee include the following individuals:

Ron Bishop                                                        Darryl Washington                        Joe Meads                                        Carla Sims
Mary Beth Blankenship                               Lindsay Puckett                               Beth K. Stewart                             David Spivey
Sandra Bonner                                                James D. Stewart                             Everett Wess                                 Terrence Scott
Alisa Burleson                                                  Tellis Shoemaker                             George Williams                          Nathaniel Rutledge
Therese Bynum                                               Debbie Kristofco                              Del Wilson                                      Lisa Rayford
Warren McCullars                                          Steve Marino                                     Charles Moore                              Aaron Sims
Lynn Marino                                                     Brad Doss                                            Ann Steves                                    Brandon Prince
Sharon Graham                                               Scott Green                                         Jerry South                                   Van A. Phillips

For over (18) months this team met monthly and took a proactive role in the planning process. Each member made a commitment to ensure the successful implementation of the plan.  Since the formal adoption of the plan, the group’s focus has now turned to prioritizing and implementing the numerous projects and that will make this multi-year effort a success. Additionally, they will also ensure that realistic performance metrics and ongoing public engagement remain crucial parts of the plan.

Since adoption of the plan the advisory committee have created several task forces that will drill down on specific elements and issues related to the plan. They will solicit the expertise and input of additional Irondale community stakeholders and outside professionals (as needed) to ensure successful plan implementation.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Arts/Recreation/Entertainment
  • Economic Development
  • Community Development/Community Renewal
  • Marketing/Branding/Tourism
  • Education and Workforce Development
  • Project Funding & Financing
  • Improving City Services/Infrastructure

If you are interested in becoming a part of an Irondale On The Move task force or would like to share your ideas, please contact Irondale On The Move, Project Director, Darryl Washington @ 205-616-8823 or via email at