Irondale CDA Unveils New Small Business Assistance Programs

A primary goal of the Irondale Commercial Development Authority (CDA) is to serve as a catalyst for attracting, retaining and expanding commercial enterprises in the City of Irondale. We believe that vibrant and sustained small business activity is the key to Irondale’s long term growth.

Small businesses face a lot of challenges enroute to ultimate success.  Lack of financial resources is often one of the most pervasive obstacles small businesses must overcome.

In an effort to provide financial resources to eligible existing and prospective Irondale small businesses and entrepreneurs, the Irondale CDA is pleased to offer the CDA Small Business Assistance Program (SBAP).  An overview of each program is listed below:

  • Signage/Facade Improvement Grants – This program provides small financial grants to existing Irondale businesses interested in improving the appearance of their commercial building located along targeted commercial corridors in Irondale.
  • Building Expansion Grants – This program offers small financial grants to assist eligible, existing Irondale business expand their current operations in an Irondale facility.
  • Entrepreneur Assistance Loans – This program provides low interest and/or zero interest loans to Irondale businesses and entrepreneurs transitioning from a home-based business to a brick and mortar location in Irondale.
  • Lease Assistance Grants – This program provides small financial grants to assist eligible enterprises relocating their current business from a different municipality to Irondale with their initial lease payments.
  • Business Resource Assistance – The Irondale CDA partners with existing and prospective businesses to assist them with operating a business in the City of Irondale. They help connect small businesses with vital business resources such as non-profits and government agencies at the local, regional, state and federal level that can assist them solve various business problems.
  • Free Meeting Space – Existing Irondale businesses and organizations can schedule meetings free of charge at the Irondale CDA office (located  at 1900 Crestwood Boulevard, Suite 305).  Based on availability.

According to Irondale CDA- Chairman, Darryl Washington, ” Small businesses and entrepreneurs are essential to the sustained growth and vibrancy of any local municipality. By offering these types of financial incentives to help small businesses bridge the funding gap, we hope to attract more small businesses and entrepreneurs to Irondale. ”

Irondale is the original home of several famous and successful iconic small businesses including; Irondale Cafe, Golden Rule Barbecue  Irondale Cafe and Hamburger Heaven.

To find out more about the Irondale CDA – Small Business Assistance Programs, please contact Irondale CDA Chairman, Darryl Washington at 205-703-9770 or via email at