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Citizen Engagement Institue

Are you interested in learning more about the City of Irondale and our government? Join our Inaugural Citizen Engagement Institute Class this Fall! The deadline to apply will be August 1, 2021.

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Boards & Committees

Council Committees

Economic Development

  • Chair: David Spivey; Bobby Joe Wilson & John London

Senior Activity Center

  • Chair: Robert Box; Bobby Joe Wilson & John London


  • Chair: David Spivey; Robert Box & Cindy Cuellar


  • Chair John London; David Spivey & Bobby Joe Wilson

Water Department

  • Chair: Cindy Cueller, John London & Bobby Jo Wilson


  • Chair: David Spivey; John London, Robert Box, Cindy Cueller & Bobby Joe Wilson

Judicial Ordinances

  • Chair: Bobby Joe Wilson; Robert Box & Cindy Cuellar

Public Works

  • Chair: Bobby Joe Wilson; Robert Box & Cindy Cuellar

Public Safety (Police & Fire)

  • Chair: Robert Box; Cindy Cuellar and David Spivey

CDA Liaison

  • Cindy Cuellar

PnZ Liaison

  • David Spivey

HaA Liaison

Downtown Redevelopment Authority

Redevelopment and revitalization of the downtown through the promotion of economic development opportunities.


Industrial Development Board

This board promotes industrial development for economic development.


Planning and Zoning

This board makes recommendations to the City Council on all matters concerning zoning, as well as, approves or disapproves subdivisions or other divisions of property.

Zoning Board of Adjustment

The zoning board of adjustments reviews appeals of the building officials decisions and reviews requests for special exceptions and variances.

Commercial Development Authority

This board promotes commercial development for economic growth.

Library Board

The library board helps to oversee the operation of the public library and establishes policy.


Irondale Housing Code Abatement Board


Irondale Tree Commission