Boards & Committees

Council Committees


  • Chairman: Steve Marino
  • Members: David Spivey and Bobby Joe Wilson


  • Chairman: Terry Bearden
  • Members: Bobby Joe Wilson and David Spivey


  • Chairman: John London
  • Members: David Spivey and Bobby Joe Wilson


  • Chairman: David Spivey
  • Members: Steve Marino and Terry Bearden

Senior Center

  • Chairman: Terry Bearden
  • Members: John London and Steve Marino

Economic Development

  • Chairman: Steve Marin
  • Members: Bobby Joe Wilson and Terry Bearden


  • Chairman: Bobby Joe Wilson
  • Members: David Spivey and Steve Marino


  • Chairman: John London
  • Members: Terry Bearden and Bobby Joe Wilson


  • Chairman: David Spivey
  • Members: John London, Bobby Joe Wilson, Terry Bearden, and Steve Marino

Public Works

  • Chairman: Bobby Joe Wilson
  • Members: Terry Bearden and Steve Marino

Downtown Redevelopment Authority

Redevelopment and revitalization of the downtown through the promotion of economic development opportunities.

  • James Stewart
  • Regina Bearden
  • Brad Doss

Industrial Development Board

This board promotes industrial development for economic development.

  • Susan Meadows
  • Jessie Rayford
  • Ann Vaphiades
  • Matthew Lepore
  • Claude Perry
  • James Snider

Planning and Zoning

This board makes recommendations to the City Council on all matters concerning zoning, as well as, approves or disapproves subdivisions or other divisions of property.

  • Jimmy Snider
  • Ken Miller
  • Susan Meadows
  • Joe Meads
  • Claude Perry
  • Marty Schwartz
  • Steve Marino, Council Representative
  • Charles Moore, Mayor
  • James Stewart

Zoning Board of Adjustment

The zoning board of adjustments reviews appeals of the building officials decisions and reviews requests for special exceptions and variances.

  • Larry Childers
  • Collin Galletly
  • Robert Crenshaw
  • Brenda Jones Little
  • Ross Graham – Supernumerary
  • Cal Pabst – Supernumerary
  • Claude Perry
  • Susan Meadows

Commercial Development Authority

This board promotes commercial development for economic growth.

  • David Pugh, Chairman
  • J. Paul Saucier
  • Victor Childers
  • David Rawson
  • Cindy Cuellar

Library Board

The library board helps to oversee the operation of the public library and establishes policy.

  • Del Wilson
  • Kim Munford, Chairman
  • Toni McElroy, Treasurer
  • Denise Wright, Vice Chairman
  • Amy Cotton
  • Tom Stoud
  • Stacey Bugaj

Irondale Housing Code Abatement Board

  • Martin Schwartz
  • Ross Graham
  • Terrence Scott
  • Johnny Williams