This page is the home page for all of the government links specifically. Under this section users can find information about Ordinances, Leadership information, other contact information, or simply how the government is organized.

The Irondale Mayor and  City Council is an elected body representing the citizens of Irondale. Under the current electoral system, the city council consists of five council members and a mayor. All five council members are elected from individual districts, and only citizens within the city limits can vote for those seats on the council. Citizens only vote for a candidate running in their respective districts.

The mayor is elected at-large. A city resident wishing to become mayor must specifically run for that office. The mayor acts as the official head of city government.  The mayor is not a voting member of the council however has veto power.

A city council president is selected by majority vote of existing city council members.  The council president’s primary responsibility is to preside over all council meetings. The council president also appoints council members to city council committees and liaison positions.

Council members and the mayor are not full-time city employees, but they are financially compensated for their time and expenses.