Garbage Ordinance Proposed Changes

This Tuesday night, May 16th at 6:30pm the Garbage/Trash Ordinance will be presented at the Council Meeting. The redlined version is attached in this article and on the event page for the meeting. Below we have outlined the major adjustments.  Several adjustments have been made to the current ordinance as a result of resident input.

Garbage is household refuse which includes food scraps, etc. Trash consists of logs, brush, yard trimmings, etc. The fee that is paid is for garbage…currently there is no charge for trash pickup.

Whether garbage is collected 1 or 2 days per week the same amount of garbage will be collected. The benefits to 1 day collection are cost savings, less wear on the equipment and roads and the staff time savings will be refocused to provide additional services such as litter pick up, mowing public areas, etc.

As usual, our goal is to provide high quality services to residents while being good stewards of the resources available.  After researching outsourcing options, we have determined that these adjustments will enable us to continue doing that without having to increase fees at this time.

Garbage ordinance – redline as of 5-11-17 (1)

Garbage ordinance – clean as of 5-11-17 (1)

Garbage Ordinance – current


Old Ordinance New Ordinance
2 Day per Week Collection 1 Day per Week Collection
Garbage could be placed on the street in Plastic Bag All Garbage must be bagged and then put in Receptacle
Garbage receptacles must be stored at the rear of the premises until collection day Garbage receptacles must be stored in an area not visible from the street until collection day
If collection day falls on a legal holiday collection will be made on the next scheduled pick up date If collection day falls on a legal holiday collection will be rescheduled and residents will be notified of an alternate date (within the same week)
Logs could not exceed 8 feet in length and 36 inches in diameter Logs cannot exceed 6 feet in length and 10 inches in diameter
Recycling collected bimonthly (practice was weekly) Recycling collected weekly (changed to match the actual practice)
Large accumulations of trash (brush, logs, etc.) Any amount of brush, logs, etc., as long as, it does not exceed 6 feet in length and 10 inches in diameter
Furniture was collected Furniture IS collected