In order to follow the the advice of the CDC, WHO and state and local agencies, the City of Irondale encourages you to do as much city business online as is possible, including making payments and completing forms/applications.

Message from Mayor Moore regarding COVID-19


A listing of various forms for city services are listed below.   Please contact the appropriate city department prior to submission of form to ensure all conditions have been met.  Additionally, please contact the appropriate department to receive any form that may not be listed.

Water and Sanitation:
To submit your water and sanitation form online, please fill out one of the forms below and use this form to submit your completed application.

Water and Sanitation Submission Form

New Service Online Instructions

Water Application

Consent Form

Change of Address Forms

Change of Name

Disconnect Service Form

Exemption Form

Insepection Only Form

Sanitation Application

Revenue Department:

Tax Refund Form (PDF)

Business License Application (Online)

Business License Application (PDF)

Tax-Form (Online)

Tax-Form (PDF)

Police Jurisdiction Tax Form

Occupational License Fee Form

Reconciliation of OCC Return

Individual Return of Occupation License Fee

Permitting and Inspections

To submit your permit online, please fill out one of the permit applications below and use this form to submit your completed application and payment. For more information on the permit fee that will be due, use the Permit Fee Breakdown.

Permit Application Form

Building Permit Application

Craft Fee Information

Demolition Permit Application

Electrical Permit Application

Excavation Road Cut Permit

Gas Permit Application

Land Disturbance Permit

Mechanical Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application

Sign Permit Application

Subcontractor List Form

Permit Fees


3 PC Form

6 Inst. Filling Application to ZBA

Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Cash Bond

Temporary Banners – Sign Application