Garbage/Trash Ordinance

March 4, 2020 an updated garbage ordinance was approved. After researching outsourcing garbage collection, it was decided that keeping the service within the City was currently the best, most cost-efficient option. The changes made to the Garbage Ordinance were not made lightly. The City leadership and public works department made the changes to the ordinance in an effort to better utilize the public works staff, reduce wear and tear on the roads and vehicles and increase City services, such as, litter pickup, maintenance of right of ways, etc. The changes made will also allow for better, less subjective enforcement of the ordinance. Thank you for your patience while we adapt to these changes and work towards Moving Irondale Forward!

Important Information 

  • If your scheduled Garbage pickup falls on a City Holiday the pickup will be rescheduled and announced
  • There is no scheduled pickup for Thursday but it will be used as a make-up day for Garbage pickup on rescheduled City holidays
  • Changes to the ordinance and schedule are being noticed through a water/garbage bill insert (also available at the library, city hall and senior center), through the website and social media.
  • To view the entire ordinance please click the link below:

Garbage or 2020-02

Items Eligible for Recycling –Household Plastics #1 & #2 (number is on the bottom of the Container)

  • NO plastic bags of any kind can be used to hold recycling or be recycled – presence of any type of plastic bag will contaminate your recycling and it will not be picked up
  • All Food Containers must be rinsed out with no food particles remaining
  • Boxes must be folded or cut up to a size to fit inside of the City issued Blue 64 gallon Recycle Can with an attached lid – if cardboard is wet it is considered contaminated and should be disposed as garbage or trash. (Make sure your lid is closed)
  • Aluminum/Steel Cans (rinse before recycling)
  • Paper/Magazines/junk mail

 Contaminated Recycling will not be picked up

If you have any questions, please contact Public Works at 951.1420



Key Details from the Garbage/Trash Ordinance – Excerpts only


  • 1 Day per Week Collection
  • All Garbage must be bagged and then put in the City issued Gray 96 gallon can with attached lid.
  • Garbage cans must be stored in an area not visible from the street until collection day
  • If collection day falls on a legal holiday, collection will be rescheduled and residents will be notified of an alternate date (within the same week)
  • Only garbage in the City issued Gray 96 gallon can with attached lid, will be picked up


  • Logs/Limbs cannot exceed 6 feet in length and 10 inches in diameter
  • NO amounts of Dirt, Rock, Rubber (tires) or Construction/Demolition debris will be picked up
  • Small amount of brush, logs, etc., as long as, it does not exceed 6 feet in length and 10 inches in diameter; (Amount is at the discretion of the Public Works Director)
  • Furniture IS collected (NOT LANDLORD SETOUT)


  • Recycling will be collected on Mondays — If Recycling falls on a legal holiday, pickup will be the next regularly scheduled Monday.