Garbage Pick Up Schedule



Recycling pickup resumed Monday, June 8, 2020

This is a general summary of the area and days of the week for household garbage pickup.  For more information please call Public Works at 205-951-1420



Alton Circle Abigail Lane
Amber Hills Rd. Annanadale Lane
Appleberry Rd. Appaloosa Dr.
Bainbridge Barrington Crossings
Bankhead Hwy. Beacon Cir/Beacon Dr
Bardeen Lane Birmingham Ave
Batavia Ave. Blanford St.
Belle Ridge Tr. Bluebird Ln.
Belmont Cir. Bluemont St.
Belmont Dr. Bonnie Bell Ln.
Belmont Rd. Brad Dr.
Belmont Tr. Branch Mill Rd.
Bermuda Dr. Brentwood Dr.
Black Jack Ridge Rd. Brookmont Dr./Brookmont Ln.
Bramble Lane Browning Dr.
Brookhill Cr. Buckthorn Rd.
Brownlee Rd. Bushwood Dr.
Bryan Dr. Cahaba Cove Rd.
Bryant Dr. Cahaba Glen Cir.
Caldwell Ln. Cahaba Landing Rd.
Caldwell Rd. Cane Hedge Rd.
Campbell Dr. Cedar St.
Candlelight Ln. Cherokee Woods
Caroline St. Cherry Brook Run
Cloud Crest Dr. Clayton St.
Cole St. Crosstimbers Rd.
Commerce Blvd. Danton Lane
Commerce Cir. Darlene Cir.
Commerce Square Dr. Deering St.
Commerce Square E. Del Rio
Commerce Square S. Dixieland Rd.
Commerce Square W. Dogwood Rd.
Conway Lane Dorchester Way
Cornell Cir. Dresden Rd.
Cornell Dr. Dunmore
Crescent Rd. E Forest Dr.
Crescent Ridge Rd. E. Ventura Dr.
Crestwood Blvd. Elder St.
Crowley Dr. Emily Cir.
Creekside Glen Ethel Ln.
Creekview Lane Forest View Dr.
Creekwood Cir. Fulmar Dr.
Crest Landing Gadsden Hwy
Davis Av. Gaiety Lane
Eddington Dr. Goldmar Dr.
Edwards St. Greenfield Dr.
Ewell Dr. Gumwood Rd.
Hampton Rd.
Floyd Bradford Hattie Ave.
Gaines Dr. Hickory Cir.
Geneva Ave. Highland Ave.
Golden St. Highview Ct.
Grants Way HillsEdge Rd.
Graham Dr. Hillsedge Dr.
Grandview St. Hilltop Dr.
Grants Mill Dr. Hood Dr.
Grants Mill Lane. Horst Hill Rd.
Grants Mill Rd. Interlox Rd.
Grants Mill T. Ivey Dr.
Grants Mill Crossing Janet Ln.
Grantswood Ct. Juiata Dr.
Grantswood Pl. La Salle Ln.
Grantswood Rd. Lamoore Ave.
Grantswood Tr. Little River Rd.
Hagbush Rd. Manassas Dr.
Hagood St. Maple St.
Hamby Ave. McDavid Ct.
Hamerick Dr. Michael Pl.
Havenhill Dr. Millstone Rd.
Heaton Dr. Montgomery Ave.
Heritage Ln. Murphy Dr.
Heritage Pl. Navarro
Heritage Place Ct. Nicole Dr.
Heritage Place Dr. Nytol Cir.
Highway 78 & 78 E. Overton Rd.
Hitching Post Ln. Palisades Rd.
Hoot Owl Ln. Paramont Dr.
Hubert Kilgore Memorial Dr. Pine Knoll Dr.
Hunters Hill Dr. Pine St.
Ivvawood Dr. Pine Whisperers Dr.
James Albert Dr. Plaza Dr.
Kaci Circle Princess Ln.
Karl Daly Cir. Ravine Rd.
Kark Daly Rd. Reamer St.
Karl Daly Trace Regency East Dr.
Kelly Rd. Ridgeview Dr.
Kelly Street Riverbrook Dr.
Lakeview Cir. Rivermont Cir.
Laurence St. Roselle Ln.
Lola Cut Off Rd. Rosewell
Maggie’s Dr. Round Forest Dr.
Maggie’s Place Ruffner Ct.
Marion Dr. Ruffner Rd.
McCoy St. Scenic View Dr.
Mill Ln. Shady Acres Rd.
Monroe Dr. Sharpsburg Cir.
Montcrest Dr. Sharpsburg Dr.
Montevallo Rd. Sharpsburg Ln.
Monticello Rd. Sharpsburg Rd.
Moss Roack Ln. Shelly Dr.
Mt. Lodge Trail (Rock Ridge) Sherborne Rd.
Mt. Ridge Rd. Starlite Dr.
Mt. View Rd. Stonebridge Cir.
Old Grants Mill Rd. Stonebridge Rd.
Old Ivy Rd. Stonehenge Pl.
Old Leeds Rd. Stonewall Dr.
Old Montevallo Rd. Sunset
Parrish Ln. Talmadge Ln.
Pine Glen Ln. Terry Cir.
Pineview Rd. Trillium Dr.
Ransom Rd. Vardar Ln.
Ratliff Cir. Vicksburg Dr.
Ratcliff Mine Rd. Vulcan Dr.
Ratliff Rd. White Oak Rd.
Reese Ln. Windy Ln.
Richardson Ave. Winnsboro Rd.
Richwood Ave. Wonder Ln.
Rock Ln. Yeovil Dr.
Rock Ridge Cir. 1st Ave. N.
Rock Ridge Ct. 1st Ave. S.
Rock Ridge Rd. 2nd Ave. N.
Rose St. 2nd Ave. S.
Roywood Rd. 3rd Ave. N.
Saddlebrook Cir. 3rd Ave. S.
Saddlebrook Rd. 4th Ave. N.
Self Ln. 4th Ave. S.
Seneca Ave. 5th Ave. N.
Shades Terrace 5th Ave. S.
St. Patrick Cir. 6th Ave. S.
Stoneridge Tr. 15th St. S.
Stoneview Tr. 18th St. S.
Sunniroc Cir/Sunniroc Rd. 19th St. N.
Talley Rd. 19th St. S.
Terry Ln. 20th St. N.
Timberline Tr. 20th St. S.
Trailer Ln. 21st St. N.
Valley Manor 22nd St. N.
Vetavia St. 22nd St. S.
Villa Ln. 23rd St. S.
Wayne Rd. 24th St. N.
Westover St. 25th St. S.
Whipoorwill Rd. 28th St.
Whip-O-Will Tr.
Wimbledon Ct.
Winchester Way
Windview Trace
Woodaire Dr.
Yellowhammer Dr.