Frequently Asked Questions – Public Works

 What is the difference between trash and garbage?
Garbage is what comes out of the household:  Kitchen garbage.  Trash is anything from bagged leaves to an old chair, tree limbs.
What is the trash schedule?
There is no set schedule; we try to come thru each neighborhood every week to ten days.  There is no need to call for a pickup.
Does  grass and leaves need to be bagged?
Where do you put trash?
Separate from the garbage, maybe on the other side of the yard or at least several feet between.
What size should garbage can be and does garbage have to be bagged?
Cans should be no larger than 32 gallons and have a lid and yes, garbage should be bagged.
Do the garbage trucks run at the same time for each pickup day?
No, Pick up time varies so garbage should be out at 6:30 A.M. and your cans must be put away promptly that evening.
Who handles stray animals?
The Police Dept., their non-emergency number is 205-956-5990
What about contractor piles? 
Anything generated by a contractor, the citizen is responsibility for removing, do not put it on the Right of  Way. Ordinance # 2008-46