Frequently Asked Questions – PD

Q. How many officers does Irondale have?
A. 39


Q. Why don’t we have bicycles and motor officers?
A. Due to our wide area and limited number of officers, these modes of transportation are usually not efficient.


Q. Why is my car pulled in if I don’t have a license with me?
A. You must present your license when pulled over. The officer is bound by the safe streets act to pull the vehicle if you cannot produce a valid license.


Q. Can’t more be done about people going around school buses that are stopped?
A. We are increasing our patrol and have adopted a zero tolerance policy when individuals drive around these buses.


Q. Who can I call to either commend or complain on an officer?
A. You can call Administrative Lt. 205-951-1437. They will either handle your concern or delegate it to the proper supervisor.


Q. Why do I get a ticket for no seat belt? This seems to be a violation of my rights.
A. Again, this is area that is mandated by law and the officer must comply.


Q. Are drugs a big problem in Irondale?
A. All cities in the United States have some sort of drug problem. We have started a more aggressive program to confront this in Irondale. My early analysis after being here two months is that we have less of a problem than most cities our size.