City of Irondale Parks


CAHABA LANDING is located on Grants Mill Road at the Cahaba River. It is a City maintained canoe launch area for enjoying the Cahaba River and its meandering sojourn through the southern portion of the City. A launch at this point provides a scenic 3 – 5 hour float down the Cahaba to take outpoints near Liberty Park. An alternate route is to launch north of Highway 78 and take out at this launch area. A float down the river displays a multitude of animal and plant observations as well as beautiful scenery for your enjoyment. Do not leave your camera home.

blkfamparkBEACON PARK
  is located at 5309 Beacon Drive off Beacon Drive and behind Garden Ridge.Well lite at night, has a kid’s playground, two (2) picnic pavilions, barbecue pits, a walking track and public restrooms. It is a great facility for individual or group gatherings. Many civic and family reunions reserve the park for use each year. The annual “Jazz in the Park” free concert is held here each year.


Grants Mill Station Dog Park

IRONDALE DOG PARK is currently located at Ruffner Park, 301 Ruffner Road.


ContentRotator635349347581380195RUFFNER PARK  is located at 301 Ruffner Road on the northern boundary of the city is a scenic 20.3 acre baseball and softball complex. The complex is made up of six (6) lighted baseball fields, a concession stand built in 1999, public restrooms, picnic eating area and a large barbecue pit and storage buildings. Irondale Youth Association provides baseball and softball programs for young girls and boys.


ELLARD PARK is located across from Norfolk Southern Drive on Ruffner Court is 9.46 acres of beautiful, scenic, quiet and tranquil surroundings. It is equipped with picnic tables and small barbecue pits. It is a great place to just sit or walk and enjoy the day. This park is not lighted and closes at sundown.

TRIANGLE PARK is located on Marion Drive at the intersection of Monticello Road and Montevallo Road in Old Irondale. This is a quiet reflective landscaped community park with benches utilized by the nearby residents for short periods of enjoyment. Many joggers stop by for a short breather during the sojourns through the area.