Parks and Rec Department

101 20th Street South

Irondale, AL 35210

Monday - Thursday

6am - 4:30pm


About Irondale Parks

The City of Irondale is committed to providing vibrant parks and green spaces to promote healthy recreation for our citizens and visitors.  Our parks and green spaces improve the quality of life for our citizens and preserves our most precious natural resources.  We encourage you to visit one of our parks and enjoy the bliss of convening with nature.

Irondale Parks and Recreation Office is responsible for maintaining the city’s (6) parks and numerous green spaces. Our parks have received statewide recognition for their cleanliness and beautification.  

The Irondale Park Committee

The Irondale Park Committee is responsible for the overall strategic planning and programming of all Irondale parks.  The park committee consists of citizens appointed by the Irondale City Council and the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department.   The committee is chaired by a city council member assigned by the City Council President.