Fire Department

5308 Beacon Drive

Irondale, AL 35210

Josh McDaniel, Fire Chief

The Irondale Fire Department (IFD) serves the citizens, properties and visitors of the city of Irondale.  The department protects an immense and growing population of Irondale. Every citizen, visitor, and every square foot provide the basis for the department’s existence and mission.

Mission Statement
Provide fire protection and safety to our citizens and community by promoting fire prevention and education, preserving life and property, protecting the environment, through fire suppression, emergency medical services and hazardous material mitigation.

What We Do:

Emergency Response

Life Safety – As stated in our mission, the IFD is ultimately in existence to provide life saving actions in real emergencies. Your life and the lives of your loved ones are our #1 priority! It’s a mission the department desires to perform through professional service.

Property Conservation – While Life Safety is always first and foremost, protecting property is also part of the department’s mission. To the extent possible, firefighters make every effort to protect your structure and belongings. They value what you value!

Incident Mitigation – When the big, red fire truck rolls up, the situation is expected to get better. It is our goal for that to happen from fender-bender clean-ups to three-alarm apartment fires. Firefighters are trained to bring incidents to a close. Obviously, closure depends on many factors outside of a firefighter’s control, but we pledge to mitigate incidents in a thorough manner, as quickly as is safely possible.

Fire Code Enforcement – The best fire is one that never occurs! Or, if it does occur, one that minimally impacts life and property. That’s what enforcing the fire code is all about, and it’s our Fire Prevention Bureau’s main job.

Public Education – Another facet of preventing avoidable fires, injuries, and even deaths, is to educate citizens and business/property owners on how to react in the event of a fire.