City of Irondale Needs Public Input on New ADA Transition Plan

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), passed by Congress in 1990, requires that all cities that employ 50 or more people must prepare a transition plan which summarizes the steps necessary to bring all public facilities into compliance with current ADA standards.

In response to this requirement, the City of Irondale is currently developing an ADA Transition Plan to identify and address issues within the public right-of-way which are currently barriers to ADA compliance.

An inventory of all city-owned sidewalks, curb ramps, cross walks, and on-street parking locations has been performed and the results are included in the draft plan and map below.

We would like to get your feedback and input as we prepare the plan. If you’re aware of specific city-owned areas or facilities where ADA standards are currently not being met, please contact the city’s ADA Coordinator at the email, or phone number shown below and submit a completed comment form, which will allow us to track and appropriately respond to your comments. An example of a non-compliant area would include a damaged sidewalk which is inaccessible for users with disabilities.

We appreciate your feedback!

For more information contact City of Irondale, City Clerk/ADA Coordinator- James Stewart Jr. via email at or by phone at (205) 956-9200.

Click the links below to access the draft of the ADA Plan and public comment form:

Irondale Transition Plan_2016-08-16 Draft

Public Comment Form