Irondale Installs New Digital Signage Monitors

The City of Irondale recently partnered with Message Point Media to install new digital signage in Irondale City Hall and the Irondale Public Library.  Digital signage uses video or multimedia content to display information, announcements and news in public places.  A digital sign usually consists of a computer or playback device connected to a large, bright digital screen such as an LCD or plasma display.

According to Irondale City Clerk, James Stewart Jr., ” These new digital signs will be an invaluable tool for providing timely information to anyone visiting City Hall and the Irondale Public Library.  We’ll provide information from various news sources about local events, local weather, city council meeting notices, community programs and a host of useful facts.”

New monitors are currently installed in the hallway at Irondale City Hall, Irondale City Council Chambers and in the Irondale Public Library.  Future plans are to install additional monitors at other Irondale public buildings including; the Irondale Water System -Business Office, Irondale Senior Activity Center and the Irondale Train Caboose.