Chamber of Commerce Luncheon Highlights Irondale’s Comprehensive Plan

The Greater Irondale Chamber of Commerce is delighted to welcome guest speakers Lindsay Puckett and Darrell Howard of the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham (RPCGB) at their March 12th luncheon.  Lindsay is the project manager for Irondale’s new comprehensive plan.  She and Darrell will give a visual presentation of how the RPCGB can help Irondale, and they will utilize an interactive “keypad polling” to receive instant feedback from the luncheon attendees!Lindsay Smith Puckett, AICP is a Senior Planner II at the RPCGB and has 12 years of professional experience in transportation and land use planning. Upon her graduation from Vanderbilt University in 2003, she worked at Gresham, Smith and Partners for over 10 years, contributing to planning projects in both Nashville and Birmingham. As a certified planner she focuses on community and regional planning, integrating land use, zoning, transportation issues and community design. In February, Lindsay rejoined the RPCGB and moved back to her hometown of Birmingham from Nashville, where in 2013 she was among those named to the Nashville Business Journal’s “Top Forty Under 40” list.

Darrell L. Howard, AICP is the Deputy Director of Planning for the RPCGB and has 16 years of professional experience in transportation and land use planning. During Mr. Howard’s tenure with the Regional Planning Commission, he has been instrumental in leading the push for better public transportation across the Birmingham region. He created the RPCGB’s Building Communities Program aimed at helping communities like the City of Irondale to plan and implement transportation system improvements that are closely tied to land use, human health, and economic development.

Why are we updating the Irondale Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is used as a guide to making decisions regarding land use, development, growth management and capital improvements. The purpose of this City of Irondale Comprehensive Plan update is to ensure that City of Irondale can be prepared for future growth and change from 2015 through 2040. There are a number of significant challenges that must be addressed such as:

  • Significant shifts in demographics with an aging Baby Boomer population and a younger generation of “Millennials”, each seeking new housing choices and lifestyle options that are different from what is most present today.
  • How to plan for redevelopment and development opportunities to ensure that the City will be maintain its reputation for being a business friendly environment, and provide guidance for the City’s leaders and economic developers as they seek to attract small businesses and industries, while at the same time retaining and bolstering existing businesses.
  • How to address rising household and transportation costs created by long commutes and lack of transportation options, leaving many who live and work in the City vulnerable to spikes in fuel cost.
  • How to attract new businesses.

Who’s leading the Comprehensive Plan update?

This Comprehensive Plan update is the cooperative effort between the RPCGB and the City of Irondale. An advisory committee made up of City representatives, residents and businesspeople will provide guidance and input during the plan development process.