Vaccine Incentive Program

Vaccine Incentive Program

Please submit forms to Leigh Allison at or drop them off a City Hall

$200 for 200 COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive Program

The Irondale Commercial Development Authority


The Commercial Development Authority (CDA) partners with the City of Irondale to create economic development opportunities that expand the tax base of our community. Our goal is to become a trusted resource for existing and prospective businesses in Irondale. We help to maintain a business environment that allow commercial enterprises to grow and succeed in Irondale. We promote and sustain commercial development by: 

  • Utilizing dynamic marketing strategies to recruit commercial prospects to Irondale.
  • Providing competitive incentive packages and assist with alternative funding.
  • Working closely with federal, state, local and private economic development that will help our industries prosper.
  • Providing valuable tools and resources that enable local businesses to grow and thrive in Irondale. 

The CDA provides assistance to businesses looking to locate in Irondale and they promote local businesses and community based organizations.

OPEN POSITION: The CDA has two open positions. The application period is open until September 30, 2020. To apply, submit a resume to

City of Irondale, City Clerk’s Office 101 20th Street South, Irondale, AL 35210.