Vaccine Incentive Program

Vaccine Incentive Program

Please submit forms to Leigh Allison at or drop them off a City Hall

$200 for 200 COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive Program


Irondale Alabama is a fast-growing city adjacent to Birmingham, Alabama, United States northeast from Homewood and Mountain Brook. Irondale is located at the foothills of Ruffner Mountain and along the banks of the Cahaba River.

Irondale is centrally located in close proximity to several cities including:

  • Atlanta, GA – 140 Miles
  • New Orleans, LA – 311 Miles
  • Nashville, TN – 192 Miles
  • Huntsville, AL – 101 Miles
  • Montgomery – 91 Miles
  • Mobile, AL – 258 Miles
  • Tuscaloosa, AL – 58 Miles
  • Talledega, AL – 46 Miles

According to the 2010 census results, the population of the area was approximately 12,349 people. From 2000 to 2010, Irondale’s population growth percentage was 25.8% (or from 9,813 people to 12,349 people). 23.1% of the Irondale city residents were under 18 years of age. Census 2010 race data for Irondale city include the racial breakdown percentages of 35.3% black, 1.4% Asian and 7.8% Hispanic. Also, there were 5,495 housing units in Irondale city, 92.5% of which were occupied housing units.

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