Beacon Park Renovation Update

3/14/2015 – The Irondale Park Committee is currently updating an overall park improvement plan to address needed improvements for all of Irondale’s parks and major green-spaces.  Last year the Irondale Park Committee implemented a multi-phased park improvement plan for Beacon Park. During the initial phase, outdated playground equipment was replaced with modern equipment.  Enhancements were also made to make the playground area ADA compliant.

The next phase of Beacon Park renovations are now underway.  Phase two of the project focuses on demolition and re-purposing the tennis court and updating both park pavilions.    According to Park Committee chairman, Councilor John London, ” I’m pleased with the progress we are making on the Beacon Park renovation project.  This project and others will help to promote a better quality of life for the Irondale community. ” The second phase of the Beacon Park project is scheduled to be completed by early summer 2015.