Annual “Clean As A Whistle” Campaign – April 15th -22th

Help clean-up your neighborhood by participating in the Annual Exchange Club of Irondale’s “Clean as a Whistle” campaign which will take place April 15-22, 2017.  This is a great opportunity to get rid of that treasured trash and annoying clutter in your home.

All Irondale citizens are encouraged to:

Get those weed eaters, lawnmowers, rakes and shrub clippers cranked up!

Clean out the basement and maybe the garage so that it can be used as intended!

Lend a hand to your elderly and handicapped neighbors to clean their property!

Irondale Public Works will pick-up the following materials if left in front of your home:

  • Bagged grass and leaves
  • Paint cans (open and dry, Fill with dirt)
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Building materials (not from contractors)

Batteries, tires and oil will NOT be collected.  Abandoned vehicles (vehicles with an expired tag that have not been moved within 20 days) may be reported to the City Inspector for removal.  Call 956-9200 with the address and the location of the vehicle on the property. Free industrial sized trash bags are available at the Irondale Public Works Department.

For more information contact: John Schoen (956-5875), or Joyce Franklin (901-8000).  You can also send email inquiries to:                                                                          

We take pride in our community.  Show your civic pride by working together to keep and make the City of Irondale


Sponsored by the Exchange Club of Irondale (XCI) with the State of Alabama “Don’t Drop It ON Alabama” Spring Cleanup, Adopt-a-Mile Program, Alabama PALS (People Against a Littered State), Clean Campuses Program and the Public Works Dept.-City of Irondale.