City Council Meeting Documents

Council Meeting Documents – 12/15/2015

Resolutions and Supporting Documents:

PYMT APPROVAL 12.15.2015 Copy of 12.15.15 COUNCILMEETING

Council Meeting Documents – 10/8/2015

Resolutions and Supporting Documents:

Ordinance2015-173 Ordinance2015-172 Ordinance2015-167

Council Meeting Documents – 8/4/2015

Resolutions and Supporting Documents:

PYMT APPROVAL 08.04.15 Resolution2015R134doc CITY OF IRONDALE _ Contigency Audit Resolution2015R133doc Franchise_Agreement_Irondale_AL_5 year term Resolution2015R132doc Resolution2015R131doc Irondale Alabama WED Court Contract Resolution2015R130doc Resolution2015R129doc Resolution2015R128doc Resolution2015R127doc Ordinance2015-126 Ordinance 2015-125 SHRP Contract with City of Irondale 2015 Resolution2015R123doc Creative Benefit Solutions LLC Contract with City of Irondale 2015 Resolution2015R122doc Video Surveillance-Access Control System Resolution2015R103doc (1) Access Control Quote (1) Resolution2015R102doc (1) City of Irondale Flex Plan ver2 City of Irondale Flex Plan SPD ver2 City of Irondale Flex Plan Forms Resolution2015R67

Council Meeting Documents – 6/16/2015

Resolutions and Supporting Documents:

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING David Jimerson Access Control Quote Resolution2015R113 Resolution2015R112 Resolution2015R111doc Resolution2015R110 Resolution2015R103doc Resolution2015R102doc

Council Meeting Documents – 6/2/2015

Resolutions and Supporting Documents:

PYMT APPROVAL 06.02.15 Resolution2015R99doc Resolution2015R100doc PCC patent descriptions PCC_Sole Source_Huntsville PCC-sole source Detail Sole Source Letter Resolution2015R101doc C W Woods Contracting 15-16 Proposal (GL-Excess-Auto) Resolution2015R102doc ADT Access Control System Resolution2015R103doc Video Surveillance-Access Control System Copy of 06.02.15 COUNCILMEETING

Council Meeting Documents – 5/5/2015

Resolutions and Supporting Documents:

AP European History Training Bookcases Irondale Community Headphones Irondale Community School Dry Erase Easel JCIB mountain view road list edited Ordinance2015-52 Front Yard Parking Resolution 2015R68 Resolution2015R74 Resolution2015R75 Resolution2015R76 Resolution2015R77 Resolution2015R78 Resolution2015R79 Resolution2015R80 Resolution2015R81 Resolution2015R82 Resolution2015R83 Shades Valley Exceptional Teachers Shades Valley High School Math Calculators Shades Valley Library


Council Meeting Documents – 3/3/2015

Resolutions and Supporting Documents:

5200.Dresden.Water Damage Record.2.2.15. Book_Prices CarrRigg&IngramEngagementLetter Checkout at Office Depot Calculators City of Irondale-Sales Proposal _25118 citycouncilagendaresolutionsordinancessupportingdoc CityCouncilMeetingAgenda03032015 Copy of 03.03.15 COUNCILMEETING Copy of Finance Recap Copy of IRONDALEINVOICE Copy of svhs_bkb_uniform_quote CW Woods Contracting Services, INC David Jimerson EEP Platform Proposal EmergencyRadios Irondale_Grant my_cart_for_grant_items! Ordinance2015-42 Ordinance2015-43 Oshkosh Finance Proposal Overton Signal pdf PYMT APPROVAL 03.03.15 Resolution 2015R35 Resolution 2015R41 Resolution2014R176 Resolution2015R4 Resolution2015R15 Resolution2015R20 Resolution2015R26 Resolution2015R27 Resolution2015R28 Resolution2015R29 Resolution2015R30 Resolution2015R31 Resolution2015R32 Resolution2015R33 Resolution2015R34 Resolution2015R36 Resolution2015R37 Resolution2015R38 Resolution2015R39 Resolution2015R40 SVHS_request_-_Chromebooks_Feb2015 SVHSBasketballUniforms SVHSCalculators Wells Fargo Finance Proposal (1) Wells Fargo Finance Proposal (2)

Council Meeting Documents – 1/20/2015

Resolutions and Supporting Documents:

Beacon Park Improvement Contract ClearWater Solutions Copy of 01 20 15 COUNCILMEETING Greater Birmingham Humane Society Invoice from Nuisance Control Irondale Franchise Agreement – Ordinance 2015-05 Jazz in the Park K (3) Ordinance2015-02 PYMT APPROVAL 01 20 15 UTILITY PYMT APPROVAL 01 15 2015

Council Meeting Documents – 1/6/2015

Resolutions and Supporting Documents:

Copy of 01 06 15 COUNCILMEETING WPHolidayQuickRefSheet15 Ordinance2015-3 Current Garbage Exemption Requirements Ordinance2015-02 Specifications & Plans For Well Pump # 7 Installation Resolution2015-R-1


Council Meeting Documents – 12/16/2014

Resolutions and Supporting Documents:

Water Tank Maintenance Agreement Urban_Renewal_Exhibit_111714 IrondaleEducation&YouthCommittee1 IrondaleEducation&YouthFund11182014 Demolition&WeedCost Urban Renewal Plan – DRAFT – 11 17 14 Resolution2014-R-197 Resolution2014-R-196 Resolution2014-R-195 Resolution2014-R-194 Resolution2014-R-193 Resolution2014-R-189 Ordinance 2014-186 PYMT APPR 12 16 14 Copy of 12 16 14 COUNCILMEETING

Council Meeting Documents – 12/2/2014

Resolutions and Supporting Documents:

Copy of Longevity for FY14 Ordinance2014-185 HIGHTOWER APPLICANT LETTER HIGHTOWER Nov 18 Council APPLICANT LETTER Copy of NOTIFICATION LIST HIGHTOWER Resolution2014-R-189 SHADES_VALLEY_SPONSORSHIP Resolution2014-R-190 XTS 2500 Police Radios Resolution2014-R-191

Council Meeting Documents – 11/18/2014

Resolutions and Supporting Documents:

Copy of NOTIFICATION LIST HIGHTOWER Declaration of Vacation REV 10 01 14 HIGHTOWER APPLICANT LETTER HIGHTOWER Nov 18 Council APPLICANT LETTER IrondaleEducation&YouthCommittee1 IrondaleEducation&YouthFund11182014 Notice Letter-Property Owners Notice Letter-Utilities Ordinance2014-185 Ordinance2014-186 Petition 10 30 14 PROCEDURES FOR VACATING Record Map With Comments Resolution2014-R-183 Resolution2014-R-184 Resolution2014-R-187 TAX MAP 100814 VACATION OF LANDS NOTICE 9 29 14

Council Meeting Documents – 10/21/2014

Resolutions and Supporting Documents:

RiverTree Contract Administrative Assistant & Clerk Positions Resolution2014-R-173 Resolution2014-R-172 Resolution2014-R-171 Resolution2014-R-170 RPCGB-Graysville-Master-Plan-2011 Irondale_Scope_14_10_07 InfoSheet Resolution2014-R-168 Resolution2014-R-167 Resolution2014-R-166 Resolution2014-R-165 Resolution2014-R-164 MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT(1) (2) (1) Resolution2014-R-159 (1) LouiseCampbellAgreement (1) Resolution2014-R-156 (1)

Council Meeting Documents – 10/7/2014

Previous Meeting Minutes:

CityCouncilMeetingMinutes09022014 CityCouncilMeetingMinutes09162014

Resolutions and Supporting Documents:

Resolution2014-R-162 Resolution2014-R-163 Resolution2014-R-160 Resolution2014-R-161 Resolution2014-R-159 Resolution2014-R-157 Resolution2014-R-158 Resolution2014-R-156 PUBLIC NOTICEPHOENIXWATER MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT(1) (2) Irondale Grant Summary LouiseCampbellAgreement Street Lights Senior Accountant Sanitation & Ordinance Inspector DelRioDriveDrainageProject CityofIrondalePayScale


Council Meeting Documents – 9/2/2014

Resolutions and Supporting Documents:

Ordinance2014-140 Resolution2014-R-138 Resolution2014-R-139 Copy of COUNCILMEETING 09 02 2014 Resolution2014-R-137 ClasTran Resolution2014-R-134 Resolution2014-R-136 PYMT APPR 09-02-14 PhysioControl Resolution2014-R-141

Council Meeting Documents – 8/19/2014

Previous Meeting Minutes:

CityCouncilMeetingMinutes080720141 CityCouncilMeetingMinutes071720141

Resolutions and Supporting Documents:

Irondale-Digital-Content-Project Resolution2014-R-134 Resolution2014-R-133 TitleVIProgram Resolution2014-R-132 CollinCGalletlyResume Resolution2014R131 Whistle Stop Agreement Resolution2014-R-130 GENERAL RESIDENTIAL SALES CONTRACT rev2 MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT – FINAL NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING rev1 Resolution2014-R-129 Resolution2014R117 (1) Resolution2014R115 (1)


Council Meeting Documents – 8/5/2014


Resolutions and Supporting Documents:

24-32-3_Sht 143 24-32-3A Ordinance2014-125 Resolution2014R123 Resolution2014R119 (3)


Council Meeting Documents – 7/17/2014


7/17/2014 – Resolution2014R119 Resolution2014R118 Resolution2014R117 Resolution2014R116 Resolution2014R115 Resolution2014R114 Resolution2014R113 Resolution2014R112 Resolution2014R111 Resolution2014R110 Resolution2014R107


7/17/2014 – Ordinance 2014-121 Ordinance2014-122

Other Documents:

7/17/2014 – Permit Fees – James Schedule of Permit Fees 2014 – Previous Fees Trussville Permit Fees

Council Meeting Documents – 7/1/2014


7/1/2014 – Copy of COUNCILMEETING 07 01 14 PYMT APPR 07-01-14


7/1/2014 – Resolution2014R105 Resolution2014R106 Resolution2014R104 Resolution2014R103 Resolution2014R102 Resolution2014R101 Resolution2014R99 Resolution2014R100 Resolution2014R98

Contracts and Other Documents:

7/1/2014  – Recorder  EmergencyPhoneBox  CityofIrondaleNSFCheckRecoveryAgreement CityofIrondaleMasterAgreement