Minimal Residential Building Permit Requirements

City of Irondale Building Code Ordinance:  Sec. 4-37. – Residential building code.

The International Residential Building Code, 2006 Edition, including all appendix chapters, a copy of which is made a part of this section by reference as if fully set out herein, is hereby adopted in its entirety as the residential building code of the city except as follows:

Section R309.2 shall be amended to add the following: “or shall have installed over each vehicle parking area a smoke detector and heat sensor which shall be installed as called for in IRC 2006, Section R313.”

(Ord. No. 2006-55, § II, 1-16-07)

Editor’s note—

Ord. No. 2006-55, § II, adopted Jan. 16, 2007, did not specifically amend the Code; hence, inclusion herein was at the discretion of the editor.

Items necessary for issuance of Permit

-2 Copies


Building plans

Health department approval septic system or sewer tap receipt Jeff Co.

Any variance or property adjustment-Copy of re-survey or deed showing utility easement and ingress/egress easement

    1copy- Subcontractor list showing-

-plumber, electrician, mechanical, all other trades.

Irondale Water system application/tap paid copy

1-copy building permit application, land disturbance application, bond information $3000/cash or other bond released upon CO